PROJECTS offers additional resources and scope to the wind industry. The company PROJECTS has been established on more than 20 years of experience within the wind industry both onshore and offshore. Our history is based on the construction of more than 40 projects or more than 2000 wind turbines installed worldwide and our core business is project management at all levels.

We strive to become the preferred partner in the wind industry. We build our business on trust and respect between people. We offer a wide range of services and tailor our organization to fit the need and meet the expectations of our customers. Through our network and partners we have established a platform of know-how enabling us to undertake complete management tasks.



We strive to become the most trustworthy and preferred partner in the wind industry.
Our ambitions and flexibility follow our customers.



We add competitiveness and innovation by offering flexible and
highly qualified services and know-how.

contact us

  • CEO Poul Martin Wael
  • pmw@projects.dk
  • +45 3037 4112

We are devoted to the wind industry and believe that the only way we can reduce or minimize the damages by global warming is by following the CO2 reduction targets in terms of more renewable energy sources.

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