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Project Management

We offer experienced and skilled project management of constructing wind turbines on- or offshore. We have experience from establishing more than 40 wind farm projects or more than 2000 wind turbines world wide. Project management at all levels is our core competence. Our project managers can work as a complete integrated part of your organization or Windco can take on a complete task with the full responsibility to deliver on time, while reporting to a steering committee


Construction Management

Our capability within construction management reaches from delivering a complete on-site organization undertaking all activities and managing the site form the “site entrance” to the complete handover to the operations manager. Or in cooperation with your company, we evaluate the existing organization and provide competencies as required in order for you to be fully staffed for the task.

Contract Management

We have experienced that a good project always starts with consensus around the contract and the scope of deliveries. Our contract managers will aim for a fair and workable solution, however protecting your – the customer’s – rights. Timing is important and the earlier our contract manager is involved in the process the better result he or she can create. We support our customers or their legal advisors during contract negotiation or during the execution of the contract.

Owners representative

“The engineer”, “the advisor” or “the contractors representative” – different contract terms have different names. However they share the same purpose. The function is meant to be an independent person with the right skills and mindset, having the capability to execute a contract within the known parameters, safety, quality, time and budget. A typical EPC contract will appoint such a function from a third party. Based on our experience with different contract structures and legal systems, we are prepared to undertake such tasks.


Quality Management

A planned wind farm lifetime of more than twenty years, have to last for more than twenty years. Quality of the work installed on a wind farm is of essence in order to reach the target and make a successful project. Our quality management discipline has one simple target of delivering the quality paid for and to ensure that the design, manufacturing and construction of the equipment is done in accordance with the state of the art.


Environment, Health & Safety

Over the years the wind industry has intensified the focus on safety and well being of the people involved in the business. We know that safety is not something you buy, it is a culture.

We offer EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) management during the tender period and all the way to the final walk down of the wind turbines. We offer our customers a 24 hour emergency call line in which every contractor or subcontractor or individuals can call and report incidents or simply ask for an advice in case of a critical situation occurs on site or in conjunction with the project.


Tender & Purchase Management

The wind industry has always been under cost pressure and still is. A successful project is depending on the right purchase strategy. We know that the best result starts with an early involvement setting out the strategy for the EPC split, local content, EHS performance, and of course quality and price. We establish an independent tender evaluation and based on the balanced score card and in cooperation with you we will recommend the set up.


Interim Management

We offer resources to cover many different positions in the industry. We offer full discretion and under the motto: No cure – no pay – we will present our suggestion and ideas for you.

Interim management is interim in the sense that we always aim to set an end date to our services. Furthermore we can assist in the recruitment and training of new candidates to take over the position.

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